Tourism Matters to Montana
Tourism Matters to Montana

Bill Watch

There are thousands of bills being introduced this session so we have created a bill watch list of legislation that could directly or indirectly impact travel and tourism in Montana. As bills come out of LC status, we will update this list accordingly.

Here are the titles of some of the bills we are monitoring. Click on the bill to get more details including the subject, sponsor, last action of the bill, status of the bill as well a view the most current bill under consideration. Here is a key to our list:

  • Green: SUPPORT
  • Red: OPPOSE
  • Grey: MONITOR
  • No Color: UNDECIDED

If you would more detailed information, follow this link to our STAKEHOLDER site or view our PDF BILL WATCH REPORT (5.10.2021).

To view all introduced and unintroduced bills we are watching, open our DISPLAY STATUS PAGE on LAWS. Unintroduced bills are still in draft form and have not been assigned a bill number yet.