Tourism Matters to Montana
Tourism Matters to Montana
Montana needs these three things. Do we just need to accept it?

Montana needs these three things. Do we just need to accept it?

Megan Shaul, XL Country 100.7 FM Published: January 17, 2023

This post isn't intended to "tick people off" per se, but these are three things that people don't want to hear. The problem is, these three things HELP so many people, businesses, and everyday life here in Montana.

I know that people want to go back to the "old Montana", but it's not going to happen.

We are full, stay out!

I know that population growth has brought things that no one likes. I totally get that. But the growth has also brought money to the businesses that may have been close to closing their doors after serving the community for years and years and allowed them to keep their doors open.

We don't want your new store, we shop local!

I shop locally just like you. But let's be honest with ourselves, there are times when our favorite local spot doesn't have what we are looking for. That will happen. So when new options come to our town, not only are we able to keep our tax money local (vs shopping online), we are able to employ OUR LOCALS.

I hate tourist season!

Do you know who doesn't hate tourist season? Yellowstone National Park. Gardiner, MT. Virginia City, MT. The list can go on and on and on. It's only a few months a year that MANY Montana towns count on tourists to survive. Remember the call for help in Gardiner when the floods affected their community?

Imagine going to another country for a minute or on a beach vacation to a place you have never been. Are you going to want to do and see as many "cool" things as possible? Yes. At some point in life, we have all been "those tourists". So let's sit back, be respectful to the communities that NEED these out-of-staters, and get back to being "Montana Nice".

The next time we want to mean mug about one of these three things, take a second and think, "wait, this could be ok in the end".

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